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Hi Neil Patel, Thanks for sharing this amazing Domain Authority Tutorial.


No problem!


Hi Neil, I can read this hundred of time. Thanks a lot. How you write so easy man. Like I am a very new blogger and I can easily understand your language. Thanks a lot


Thanks, Manish.


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Plz suggest


What strategies have you tried so far?




Hi neil I have a domain name that has a DA of 21. Its an ordinary domain name and not developed since it was acquired two years ago. What do you think is responsible for the domain to have a DA of 21 despite being an ordinary domain.


Is there content on the site?


Domain for sale. That is all. No real content.


I’m not sure, then. It might have been owned by someone in the past who added lots of content. You can try an archives search.


Although it has about 301,000 searches per month according to google adword keyword planner, before they did an update that lead to some of this statistics to get hidden. Though i was able to save the screenshot before they did…. Do you think the high search volume could be responsible?


It’s possible.


Your idea is absolutely right. Therefore, Domain authority depends on the various facts. However, this blog post is really helpful to increase blog domain authority. Thanks for sharing this information. My web site:


Glad to help.


Thank you for this helpful article it was really nice and easy to learn about website authority


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is the mentioned website.


Amazing read with so much valuable information article. thanks for sharing … keep it up

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The Kinsa QuickCare, Smart Ear, and Smart Stick thermometers are compatible with numerous smartphones, and the details are listed below. If your phone doesn't meet the SHIRTS Shirts Collection Privée Sale Exclusive Clearance Manchester Great Sale Manchester Great Sale Sale Online Free Shipping Collections mGZPhySAoW
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Phone Compatibility

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QuickCare and iPhone

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Compatible with running Android 5.0 or above. Leading android phones listed below:

Smart Ear and iPhone

Smart Ear and Android

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⚠️ Exceptions

iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X + Smart Stick

The Smart Stick can still work, but special steps are needed since there are no built-in headphone jacks in these phones. Follow this guide.

Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Note 5 + Smart Stick

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F ST is a widely used metric for identifying population differentiation with values ranging from 0 to 1, where values close to 0 indicate more homogeneous populations and values close to 1 indicate more genetically diverged populations. The estimated average F ST values in cross-line comparisons were equal to 0.05±0.04 for “NeC vs. NeS”, 0.06±0.04 for “NeC vs. NeT” and 0.02±0.02 for “NeS vs.NeT”. These results reflect only subtle differentiation on a genome-wide scale, even after 40years of intensive directional selection, which is consistent with the results of Flori et al. [ 4 ], who found minor genomic divergence between evolving lines of a single bovine breed. In spite of the low F ST averages, their ranking was consistent with the population structure, with higher values being observed between NeC and one of the lines undergoing directional selection than between the two selection lines.


Genome-wide , XP-EHH and iHS scores averaged for 100-kb windows (75kb overlapped). Blue lines indicate the significance threshold adopted for each test. The and XP-EHH values represent the means for the same windows in the “NeC vs. NeS” and “NeC vs. NeT” comparisons. Red dots represent windows that surpass the upper-cutoff windows in both comparisons, hence putative signatures of selection


Reported QTL and genes overlapping the signatures selection that were detected by the FST, XP-EHH and iHS tests in Nelore cattle

BTA, autosomes

Only the best candidate genes are shown


Haplotype frequencies for the four signatures of selection detected by two methods. Genomic regions were detected by both and iHS ( a , b ), XP-EHH and iHS ( c , e , f ) or both F and XP-EHH ( d ). Different colors, except the grey color, refer to haplotypes with a frequency higher than 0.1 in at least one of the three lines


Graphical representation of signatures of selection detected via XP-EHH and iHS within a hotspot region on chromosome 14. Grey and blue represent XP-EHH and iHS scores, respectively, for 100-kb windows; light green, orange and yellow boxes indicate signals detected via iHS, and XP-EHH, respectively. The dark green boxes indicate overlap between two tests

Some interesting genomic regions were detected exclusively based on one of the three metrics. For instance, the signature of selection on BTA6:58,700,000–58,925,000 that was revealed by the F ST test overlaps with a previously reported signature of selection in Limousin cattle [ 5 ]. The candidate gene located in this region, TBC1D1 ( TBC1 domain family member 1 ), encodes a well-known body weight regulator in several species, including humans, mice, chickens and pigs [ 59 , 60 , 61 , 62 , Joseph Woman Ferguson Linentwill Wideleg Pants Ivory Size 34 Joseph Free Shipping Professional Good Selling Sale Online Sale 2018 New JgNcwOI
], that is directly related to insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in muscle cells [ 64 ]. Another candidate signature of selection identified via F ST , BTA6:118,650,000–118,800,000, is linked to a QTL for average daily gain that was previously detected in the same population as that used here [ 16 ]. This signature of selection could reflect the influence of the selection for YBW on the daily rate of weight gain. This region includes the PSAPL1 ( prosaposin - like 1 ) gene and coincides with a copy number variant (CNV) region reported in Nelore cattle [ 65 ]. Previous studies have indicated a high level of coincidence between signatures of selection and CNV regions in cattle, which suggests that CNV may have a role in recent selection [ 66 , 67 ].

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